Monday, September 3, 2012

The Central Location

I can't keep a thing straight.  Alfred, my design guy, told me I needed a blog.  "Yeah, yeah.  I'll get around to it."  Why a blog?  Well, now I understand.  I've got this Twitter thing happening over here (well, I haven't "tweeted" in awhile and don't really know what to do with the thing).  I've got the Hoodie Facebook page over there.  Oh yeah, and a goodreads author account with a separate blog next to it.  I synced them, but let's be honest.  Did I really do it right?  Most likely, no.  Not to mention my author page on Amazon.  Ahhhh!

So why did Alfred suggest a blog?  Because I suppose he knew this would happen.  Complete and utter disorganization.  I don't have time to update all these pages and tweet crap.  I'm trying to write a second novel here.  And I don't have a website yet, so I needed to create a central location, if you will.  A place I could direct everyone to go that would link them to everything.  So there you have it.  The running tabs at the top?  You can figure those out, but I do want to point out the following tabs that are direct links:

Hoodie Amazon Kindle - where you can purchase Hoodie
Hoodie Facebook - where you can get updates about promotions, contests, etc.
Hoodie Book Trailer - where you can watch the book trailer on youtube
goodreads Author Page - where you can recommend my book or not recommend my book
Twitter Account - where you can follow my tweets when I actually tweet

So look around.  See if you like anything.  I'll be posting more on my current novel under that tab.  Didn't plan for my second novel to start with an "H."  And I know there are honey references in Hoodie.  Absolutely nothing to do with my current novel.  I apparently just really like honey.

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