Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Little Honeysuckle Surprise!

I did tell you I'd be disappearing, but I couldn't resist sharing a bit of promising news. Honeysuckle Love is doing quite well in the paid Kindle store. Currently, it's ranked #5911, though that could change in the next thirty minutes. The point is that, considering there are over 100,000 contemporary fiction books alone in the Kindle store, I'm pretty darn happy. I want to continue the momentum. So fans, please tell your friends and family about my book. And if you enjoyed it, please let others know by writing a review. I know it takes some time, but I'm always always appreciative. Kind of a neat little thing happening. No marketing whatsoever for this book besides the excerpts I threw up on this blog, but I guess Hoodie and word-of-mouth must be drawing them in. I will be participating in a blog tour for Honeysuckle Love in the new year. I'm getting the details worked out now. Once it gets close to tour time, I'll have information on my blog to let you know where I'll be stopping each day so you can check it out. Super excited! Thanks for your support, everyone. xoxo

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