Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Treat (Excerpt)

February 19th marks the start of "Teaser Tuesdays" where I'll post an excerpt from Going Under each week up until the release day. Make sure you stop by to get a taste. And since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I thought I'd give you a little romantic treat from the book. I actually wrote this scene before discovering Lana Del Rey's song, Video Games. (Yes, I realize the song is a year and half old.) But it couldn't be more perfect.


(Brooke and Ryan play video games)

. . . he leaned over, burying his face in my neck, and ran his tongue slowly all the way from the base to right behind my earlobe.

I squealed.

“Good squeal or bad squeal?” he asked, mouth pressed against my ear.

“Good squeal.” I don’t even know how I got out the words. I was out of breath from shock.

Ryan pulled away and looked at me. “I think we need to—”

Anything! I screamed inside. “I’ll do anything you want!

“—play some video games,” he said.

Excuse me?

My face must have said it all because Ryan burst out laughing.

“Not a gamer?” he asked.

“I don’t even know how to hold the controller,” I replied. Just make out with me!

“I’ll teach you,” he offered, and jumped up from the bed to turn on his TV and Playstation.

I didn’t know what he was up to. I felt the sexual energy coursing through him when his tongue made contact with my neck. I’m not sure why he was trying to fight it, if that’s what he was doing. What was so wrong with kissing, anyway? We’d already done it.

“Come here,” Ryan said, and I slunk off the bed halfheartedly to sit next to him on the floor. “No, not there. Here,” he said, pointing to the space between his legs.

Oh, so that’s what he was up to.

I nestled between his legs, leaning against his chest as he leaned against the foot of his bed. He gave me the controller, then placed his hands over mine so I was trapped in what I later told Gretchen was the Gamers Embrace. He walked me through each button and how and when to use them. Then he asked me if I was interested in killing some bad guys.

“I have a feeling I’m gonna be really bad at this,” I said, feeling my heartbeat increase. It was ridiculous, but I was nervous, and not because I was sitting in such an intimate position with Ryan. I was scared of the freaking game.

“You’ll do just fine,” he said, and pressed the X on the controller. The game started, and I squealed.

“You like to squeal,” Ryan observed, watching me die in the first few seconds.

© S. Walden, 2013


  1. Awesome teaser! Thanks for sharing.

  2. No problem. I wanted to post the whole scene, but then I guess it wouldn't be a teaser :) Looking forward to sharing this story with everyone!