Tuesday, April 2, 2013

GOING UNDER Soundtrack

Hey everyone! Thought I'd share some of the music that inspired me while I wrote Going Under. (I left out YES because I didn't want to freak anybody out.) Under the playlist is a short description of what each song represents. Please note that some of these songs are explicit.

Would love to hear songs you connected with Going Under. Leave the title and artist name in the comment box, and I'll add them to the list!

1. Mama - To me, this song represents one overarching idea or theme in the novel: possession.

2. R.I.P - The moment Brooke discovers her "purpose" or plan for revenge.

3. Angry Johnny - Brooke gets to work. It's time to seduce Cal and destroy him!

4. Nasty Boy - Cal. Tim. Parker. 'Nuf said.

5. Hearts - Brooke and Ryan kiss. It's a little awkward.

6. New York Girls - Brooke and Gretchen hang out and watch Sex and the City. Brooke gets a little drunk.

7. Video Games - Yeah . . . I think this one is well understood. :)

8. Crawling - Brooke's emotional and psychological breakdown.

9. What's My Name - Brooke and Ryan. In a bed. Doing fun things. Brooke's POV.

10. Fast Car - Brooke and Ryan. Still in bed. Doing fun things. Ryan's POV.

11. Island in the Sun - Brooke and Ryan skateboarding.

12. Possession - Brooke's rape from Cal's POV.

13.  It's Too Late to Apologize - Brooke finds out Ryan's secret. Refuses to forgive.

14. Retrace - Brooke heals, forgives, and decides to reconnect with Ryan.

15. Stand Inside Your Love - Nuclear. Orgasm.

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