Monday, May 6, 2013

Updated GOING UNDER Soundtrack

Yeah, so I'm not sure I know how I feel about Once half my songs disappeared for unknown reasons, I took the advice of Michelle from Literati Literature Lovers and set up an account with Spotify. Seems better, though I read that you may have to refresh the page if the widget doesn't show up. Anyway, I added some songs and changed some things. Here's Going Under . . . set to music.

Song Explanations:

1. Mama - To me, this song represents one overarching idea or theme in the novel: possession.

2. R.I.P - The moment Brooke discovers her "purpose" or plan for revenge.

3. Angry Johnny - Brooke gets to work. It's time to seduce Cal and destroy him!

4. Nasty Boy - Cal. Tim. Parker. 'Nuf said.

5. Hearts - Brooke and Ryan kiss. It's a little awkward.

6. New York Girls - Brooke and Gretchen hang out and watch Sex and the City. Brooke gets a little drunk.

7. Video Games - Yeah . . . I think this one is well understood. :)

8. Crawling - Brooke's emotional and psychological breakdown.

9. What's My Name - Brooke and Ryan. In a bed. Doing fun things. Brooke's POV.

10. Fast Car - Brooke and Ryan. Still in bed. Doing fun things. Ryan's POV.

11. Island in the Sun - Brooke and Ryan skateboarding.

12. Possession - Brooke's rape from Cal's POV.

13. It's Too Late to Apologize - Brooke finds out Ryan's secret. Refuses to forgive.

14. Retrace - Brooke heals, forgives, and decides to reconnect with Ryan.

15. Stand Inside Your Love - Nuclear. Orgasm.

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