Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Teaser Week: Day 3

Here's the Better print cover! Cannot WAIT to get the proof in the mail :)
Better Teaser
Cadence turned left out of the elevator. She wandered down the dorm hall looking for Room 24. But the numbers were too low, and she realized she went the wrong way. She was just about to turn around before glimpsing a message left on a tiny whiteboard attached to someone’s door:
“Student union at 5 sharp. Got someone I want you to meet. – Lindsay”
Cadence stared at the smiley face beside the word “meet.” She wondered if it was a blind date set-up and if Lindsay’s friend would be happy about it. She knew Michael was waiting, but she decided to read a few more messages.

She strolled the hall in no particular hurry, stopping at each door, reading the notes of students who were experiencing college in a very different way from her. She had no idea how long she stood in front of Room 8 staring at the hearts someone drew on the board. She had no idea why she couldn’t control her impulse to draw her own hearts, and reached for the pink marker hanging by a string. She gripped the marker like it was her lifeline to this other world.

She traced the outline of a heart in the lower corner of the board, then colored it in carefully.


Cadence jumped back, dropping the marker. It slapped against the door in the deafening silence of the hallway.
copyright S. Walden, 2013

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