Sunday, January 26, 2014

LoveLines Sample

This is a teeny tiny teaser for you. Reece runs into Bailey at the movies. They're both without dates, so they decide to watch the movie together.


The lights dimmed, and they walked carefully up the side steps to two open seats in the corner of the nosebleed section.

“Great,” Bailey whispered as they settled in. “This is where people sit to make out.”

Reece wiggled his eyebrows. “Well, if I’m lucky.”

Her mouth dropped open. He thought he’d gone too far, and for a split second wished he could take it back. But then he realized he didn’t need to take anything back. She was smiling at him. Sharing in his joke. And her wink suggested the possibility of a kiss. That was if he stayed on his best behavior.

Something very naughty is about to happen in this theater, Reece thought, and he bit into a nacho to divert his attention.

copyright S. Walden, 2014

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