Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Get To Know This Blog: Nicely Phrased Book Blog


Today I’m featuring Nicely Phrased Book Blog—a blog that appreciates nicely phrased books J You know what I’m talking about: writing technique and literary devices. Adrienne and Emma—a mother/daughter team—go beyond discussing the storylines of novels. They like to dig deep into the meat of books, pull out the subtle nuances and layers often lacking in contemporary literature. It’s really fun to talk with Adrienne about those aspects of books because it’s not often I get to have conversations like that. Takes me back to college writing courses where developing the storyline was just one factor in writing. Emphasis on skill, technique, and purpose were equally, if not more, important. Here’s an example of our convos:

Me: People are having a hard time with Cadence’s name. They want to call her Candace.
Adrienne: I know.
Me: That’s tough for me because I named her “Cadence” for a reason.
Adrienne: Oh, I know.
Me: You do?
Adrienne: Uh, yeah. “Cadence” means rhythmic. Obviously music is an important part of your book. It makes sense that the girl Mark falls in love with has a name that represents a vital part of his life. Duh, Summer.
Me: Oh my God! You get it!!!

LOL. Yeah, so Adrienne is pretty darn special to me because she “gets” me. She “gets” my writing. She appreciates the multi-layered aspect of my books. She gets my subtle humor. She gets my blatant humor. She appreciates the time I take to weave those writing elements into my stories that hopefully make for better reading.

So how did Adrienne and Emma’s blog get started? Well, they wanted a place to post honest reviews of books and to help authors hone their craft. Everything about the conception and execution of their blog was carefully crafted. They didn’t throw up a site in a day and start reviewing. Nope. They took their time (several months!) to develop a catchy blog name, a structurally beautiful site, and a plan of action. The plan? Review books honestly. They focus on the following genres: YA including horror, paranormal, fantasy, dystopian, and romance; NA; contemporary romance; women’s fiction; adult paranormal; some adult fantasy; and some erotica.

Take a moment to visit their site and check out their reviews. So worth your time. And join me tonight from 7 pm-10 pm EST when I take over their Facebook page! I've got more teasers for you from LoveLines and two flash giveaways I think you'll like! Support these ladies who support indie lit <3