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                                                     Honeysuckle Love

“Love is when you’re with someone and you never check the time, because for you, time doesn’t exist.”

Monday, November 19, 2012

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Lots to share with you this morning! First, I should have my book cover for Honeysuckle Love sometime within the next few days. Alfred is finishing several mock-ups for me to choose from, and then it’s just a matter of tweaking the details. I’m so excited about this cover because it’s going to feature Clara. Alfred and I searched and searched until we found her, and I think she’s just perfect. She embodies everything I envisioned, and I’d like to thank Gian Paolo Dessolis for giving us permission to use his photo.

Second order of business: My contract with Amazon is almost up. What does that mean? Well, two things, really. First, it means another free Hoodie download day. Actually days. I have three days to use per my contract agreement, and you better believe I’m going to take advantage of them! So mark your calendars for Monday, November 19. Hoodie will be available for free download the 19, 20, and 21. Tell your friends. Share it on your blog, facebook page, or goodreads page. Word-of-mouth is pretty powerful, and the proof is in the success of the last free download.

The other important piece of news with Hoodie is that it will be available in .epub format starting November 22. So if you have a tablet or reader that can’t support a .mobi file (Kindle), you’ll be able to download it through Smashwords, B&N, iBookstore, and various other e-book retailers. The print addition for Hoodie will also be available through Amazon starting November 22. It might be up a day or two ahead of that, but it’s still up in the air.

Okay. Back to HSL. I am not participating in the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program with this novel. And as a result, I’m giving up two incentives: 1) Amazon Prime members won’t be able to borrow it from the Kindle Library and 2) I can’t put it up for free download with the royalty plan I chose. However, in giving up these incentives, I think I’m going to gain a wider readership because my book will be available in lots of e-book retail stores. So just like Hoodie, you’ll be able to purchase HSL through Smashwords, B&N, iBookstore, and more. I don’t want to limit my readership to just Kindle folks. Hey, Nooks and Kobos are awesome, too, right? You’ll also be able to buy a print edition of HSL through Amazon if you’re old school (like me).

I’m still figuring out the details for a contest I want to do on my blog for a signed free print copy of HSL and Hoodie. Just stay tuned for that. I will tell you that I’m doing a giveaway on goodreads for signed copies of both Hoodie and HSL starting November 19. I don’t know how long it will run. I’m new to this. But I’m figuring at least two to three weeks.
And now for my Saturday Shout-out. Haven’t done one of these in awhile, so I actually have two.

First one goes to my grandmother, Nancy Fassler. If you still keep up with the Facebook Hoodie page, then you’ll know that my grandmother read Hoodie. Maybe that doesn’t mean anything to you if you haven’t picked up the book, but for those who’ve read it, you understand how awesome that it. My grandmother—grandmother—read Hoodie. And that makes her pretty gangster. So Grandmom, in the words of Tupac, I’m giving you your proppers. (Actually, he puts some expletives in front of “proppers,” but we’ll just say “proppers.”) You deserve it. You are the coolest, most supportive grandmother ever! And I have a surprise for you for your birthday . . .

Second shout-out goes to Julie Lindy. Julie is one of my critique partners, but when I received my manuscript from her a few days ago and tore through it (with mouth hanging open in wonder), I realized she’s more than a critique partner. (And that’s saying a lot because it’s hard work to just be a critique partner.) She’s my editor. The woman is amazing. I thought I was good at editing. Nooooo. I am not good at editing one bit. Because of her, HSL will be the most polished book of any indie book on the market, I’m convinced. Julie, how can I thank you for your time and hard work? There’s an entire post coming that’s just devoted to you because I have to show my fans what you’ve done for me. Getting teary-eyed.  

Check back often next week. I'll be posting the book cover, little bits about the character creation of Clara and Evan, some of Chapter 2, and thoughts about this book's development and editing process.  Also, stay tuned for contest details. It involves free stuff because that's what we want, right?

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