Saturday, November 24, 2012

Never Been More Thankful

There's something to be said for devoted fans and good timing. When I originally decided to publish Honeysuckle Love and put Hoodie up for free download on November 19th, I didn't even think about the Thanksgiving holiday. In fact, I thought Thanksgiving was the following week. I'm so glad I was wrong, and in debuting my second novel and doing my free promo this week, I discovered that people READ during their time off of work! What a revelation! Let's roll out the stats:

1. I had a total of 3771 downloads for Hoodie during my three-day promo. That's pretty rockin'.

2. I had a huge jump in the number of people on goodreads who added Hoodie to their shelves.

3. Hoodie made it to #2 on the Kindle For Free Teen Romance Book List. (Not up now, of course, because it's no longer free.)

4. Hoodie made it to #36 on the Kindle For Free Contemporary Romance Book List.

5. I was able to draw people in to HSL with my free Hoodie promo. I've sold more HSLs in the past five days than I did Hoodies in the first month!
6. And probably my favorite: a reader on goodreads who downloaded Hoodie for free reviewed it and said she would have paid for it.

Wow. It was pretty humbling sitting with my family during Thanksgiving dinner running these stats over in my mind. I am so blessed to have outstanding fans who support my work and share it with others. I think back to when Hoodie debuted (which really wasn't that long ago, but feels like it)---to my faithful few who worked so hard to spread the word about an unknown. I'm still an unknown, but I'm making a dent. All because of you and some darn good timing. So thank you.

UPDATE: Hoodie is up on Smashwords. If you don't have a Kindle, you can download an .epub version of the book there. HSL was just accepted into the Smashwords Premium Catalog, and they've begun distributing the book to online retailers. It's in Kobo (couldn't believe it!), but I haven't seen it in the B&N Nook store yet.  Haven't checked iBookstore either. Remember that you can get the book on Smashwords in lots of different formats for whatever type of reader you have.

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