Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gahh!!!! There's a sequel!

I don't . . . It's not . . . They can't . . . *sigh*

I made the big, fat mistake of posting a LONG time ago about Good and how I wouldn't end the novel with a relationship cliffhanger. Somehow that translated to a cliffhanger of any kind. No no. I said relationship. What I should have said was nothing.

So to clarify, Good is the first in a two-part series. Obviously if there's a second book, that means I couldn't finish the story in the first book (or the book would have been 200,000 words, and the only writer I know who could get away with that successfully was Ayn Rand . . . and people still skipped over John Galt's speech). Anyway, if I could tie up all the loose ends from the first book, there'd be absolutely no need to write a sequel. But I couldn't. So there you have it. There will be unanswered questions. Does the first book end like this?

"I'll blow your brains out if you go near my daughter again!" Mr. Miller exclaimed, pressing the 9 mm to Mark's head.

"Go ahead, mother***er! Blow my brains out!"

"Well, you asked for it," Mr. Miller sneered.

Cadence screamed from the far side of the room, "Daddy, noooo!!!!"

The End

:) No. The book does not end like that. xo


  1. I....can't... stop... laughing... hahaha!!! You should totally post that as an alt ending!! ;P