Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's a Review Day!

I said it yesterday, and I'll say it again. Book bloggers blow me away. The time and effort they put into their reviews is astounding. I mean, seriously. They read an entire book (and Good was decently long--95,000 words), then contemplate it. Maybe jot down some notes. Perhaps talk it over with a spouse or friend. Then they sit down and write. And write. Aaaaaaaaand write. I love when they have a lot to say because that means I did my job. I love to feel their enthusiasm. I love to hear their emotional struggles with the characters. I love the honesty they bare, especially when they admit to a moral struggle. That stuff's good. That stuff tells me, "Hey, you didn't end up wasting your time writing this book after all!" :)

October 3rd
Life Becomes Me – Review
Need some tunes to jam to today? Check out the Good Soundtrack at YA Book Addict. Some songs may be inappropriate at work. Just a heads up.
YA Book Addict – Playlist and Promo

In other news today, I learned that Good received an honorable mention from Maryse on her Top Five Summer Reads 2013. That made me pretty damn happy. If you've not read her review, take a few minutes to check it out here. It's squirmy, honest, and real.

My 3000 Likes Facebook Giveaway is almost over. If you haven't entered, do it. Lots of prizes. Lots of ways to enter to receive maximum pointage. (Yes, I made up that word.)


  1. I can do both, though I prefer the feel of a real book in my hand :)

  2. Mostly now a days I am a ereader but I still love books. So every now and then I will read a book and still love the smell. :)

  3. There's nothing I love more then holding a paperback copy of a book. I love the smell of new books, but it's cheaper to buy the e-books. I own both a Nook & Kindle!

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