Friday, October 4, 2013

The Great Wrap-up

I'm both sad and excited today: sad because my tour is ending but excited because this is one uber awesome day packed to the brim with all kinds of fun stuff. And here's the most important thing about today that you need to know:

Today is Gift-a-Friend Friday. Yeah, I made it up, and I'm gonna start doing it on random Fridays. So since today's Friday, let's try it out. I dropped the price of Good to $.99, but only for today. So be my favorite fan and promoter, and gift a copy of Good to a family member or friend. Help spread the love, darlings. (That's what Mark would call you.)

And now for the tour. I said fun stuff and I meant it. You'll get a firsthand look at how I developed Cadence's character at Book Reader Chronicles. I mixed up some cocktails and characters for you, too. Want to see what drinks represent Mark, Cadence, Avery, and Gracie? Head over to A Love Affair with Books. Need to read a few reviews to help convince you that Good is the book for you? Well, just check out the schedule below. It's packed with reviews! Oh yeah, and if you're interested in an exclusive look at Better, the sequel, then Shh Moms Reading has you covered.

October 4th
Love Those Books – Review
Book Reader Chronicles – Review and Guest Post
A Love Affair with Books – Revew and Guest Post
Becca the Bibliophile – Review and Excerpt
Book Addicts Not So Anonymous – Review and Excerpt
Who You Callin a Book Whore – Review and Excerpt

Shh Moms Reading – Review and Book 2 Teaser
 (Better teaser will be up at 11 A.M.!!)
Here's my dream cast for Good. It was featured this week on Rusty's Reading, but I wanted to share again.
Cadence Miller
(Teresa Palmer)

Mark Connelly
(Ben Barnes)
Avery Fisher
(Analeigh Christian Tipton) 
Fanny Burken
(Dame Judy Dench)
Oliver Miller
(Brendan Robinson)
(Jane Levy)

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  1. Thank you for his wonderful histories, regards from Argentina!