Sunday, March 17, 2013

Going Under Information

Media Tuesday, March 19. That's the big day. I'm totally stoked and having major anxiety. Got some reviews coming out on Wednesday, March 20, and I'm crossing my fingers. Just love me, please!
Here's information you want to know for Tuesday, March 19:
1. Going Under will be available on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, and in print on Createspace (I'll link these on this post and on the "Books" page when I have the buy links)
2. It may be available in print on Amazon, but doubtful. Takes a few days to show up after publication.
3. You won't see Going Under in iBookstore, B&N Nook, or Kobo for at least a week. Smashwords will be distributing it, and it takes awhile to show up in those stores. I could have published it directly with Kobo and B&N, but figuring out the publication specifications hasn't been easy. If you have an e-reader that requires .epub format, you can buy the epub version at Smashwords.
4. Release day price on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords? 99 CENTS!!
I am very grateful to all the blogs who are participating in my promotional blitz starting Tuesday, March 19. Check them out below. And I want to especially thank everyone who took the time to review my book. I'm nervous as hell, but so appreciative that you agreed to give me a shot.

March 19th

1. Reading Addiction Blog Tours - Meet and Greet

March 20th
Review Stops

March 21st


  1. Best of luck on your release day!

  2. Thanks so much, Donna! And thank you for featuring me on your blog. You rock. I cannot wait to read your brutally honest review :)