Wednesday, March 27, 2013

HOODIE 2? And are you quite sure?

I've been hearing from some disgruntled fans lately about my suck ass Hoodie epilogue. Sooo, I just want to get some feedback about a sequel. This is feedback. No promises. (Guys, no one has even heard of this book except for the 4000 who downloaded it for free last Thanksgiving and Monica's friends on goodreads.) That being said, if you'd like to take the survey, it would help me to analyze a sequel situation from a numbers perspective. (Survey link below)

Do we miss Anton and Emma?
Can they find love again?
Thanks for participating. I'll keep this up for a while to collect data and get back to you in a few weeks.


  1. Hi! I'm an italian fan of your work.
    I read Going Under a few days ago and I have just finished reading Hoodie. I loved both in different ways, but I have to say something about Hoodie. I'm a little torn about the epilogue.
    I think it's perfect, original and that it is what probably may happen in real life. We don't always get the happy ending and you're very good at showing that in your books.
    But I also think that sad endings make me sad.

    I don't know if you're going to write a sequel. If you do, I'll be happy to read it (after all, I voted the first option in your survey :p). If you won't write it, I'll continue to remember Hoodie as one of the best book ever read.

    In the last couple of months, I have read many new adult books, of many indie authors. Both Going Under and Hoodie are better than most of the books out there. I'm sure you'll get the success that you deserve.

    ps. sorry if I made any mistake, as you can guess English is not my first language. :)



  2. I just finished reading Going Under and was blown away on how good it was, how well written and just how it sucked me in. Instantly, I downloaded Hoodie and Honeysuckle Love. I have just finished Hoodie and was devastated on how it ended (bawled my eyes out). Should there be a bet your life I would be all over that..why?? Because I am a sucker for the happy ever after. I just feel there is more to be said for Anton and Emma!!

  3. I hope you still get to read this. I love all your books! I started with Going Under ending with Hoodie. Hoodie was amazing! Sad though that it is not being marketed with the others, it would really make it bigger after all the other books success. But the ending really left me devastated. It was just sad. So I read all you reviews hoping for some good news somewhere. I really hope you could squeeze it in. waiting for news for the next year or even years for this, i just know it. That obsessed with Emma and Anton!

  4. Please write a sequel! I am not enjoying how I feel right now! Please ! From Honduras!

  5. Been waiting 3 years now for a sequel.huhuhu. pleaaassseee!