Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thanks a lot, Terry

I have to play catch-up today because yesterday my computer was hit with a nasty virus--a Trojan, to be exact. Ironic and inconvenient. So for all the blogs that posted information about Going Under yesterday, I am so appreciative, and thank-you's are coming your way!

Now for the wow. Wow. Wowzers. You all are amazing. I know not everyone has taken kindly to this book. I knew it would be controversial (I can't seem to write stories that aren't), but your reactions and overwhelming support have been mind-blowing. Thank you. Thank you for the good and the bad (though I prefer the good!). Thank you for the honesty. Thank you for the feedback. Thank you for your emails. Thank you for your "likes." I guess I can really only convey my gratitude in two ways:

I ♥ goodreads

I ♥ book bloggers

And now for the reviews: I don't know how blog etiquette goes--if it's acceptable to post a comment about a review of my work. So you're going to get emails instead. It'll take some time, so bear with me. Also, I'd like to send out a blanket request to use sentences from your reviews on the "Editorial Reviews" section of my book. But I'll give you the specific sentences in your emails. Thank thank thank you for such thoughtful reactions to my book. Some made me squeal. Some made me laugh out loud. Some brought tears to my eyes. You bloggers . . .

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