Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Cover, New Review, Upcoming Interview

I've got a new cover for Going Under. And it's not because I didn't like the old one. I helped design the old one. I found half-naked Brooke on a diving board for the old one. I screamed when I got the completed design of the old one. I think the exact words were, "This is so f**king sexy! SEXY!" The problem is that it may just be a bit too sexy for New Adult. Or too conceptualized. Either way, I had to tell Brooke to put her top on.

But she didn't. If you notice in my new cover, she's still (at least) half naked, but it's more subtle. More demure. More "New Adult." I love it. Actually, I really dig this cover, especially with the red-tinted water. Just beautiful really. But for my diehard I-love-the-other-cover-way-better fans, just say to me what Gretchen would: "Total. Bitch."

(Seriously. I totally dare you to comment on this post with those two words: Total. Bitch.)

(Robin Ludwig Design Inc.) 

Next order of business: New review out today on Book Bitches Blog! Brooke (how cool, right?) is reviewing my book, and I hope she includes the sexy pictures she did in her goodreads review because wow. Sexy. Brooke--hot. Ryan--scrumptious :) She's also got a little giveaway treat in store for you, so make sure you stop by the blog.

In other news . . . Keren over at Gothic Angel Book Reviews is posting an interview with me Sunday, March 31 (tentative but pretty sure it's happening but I'll let you know later on in the week). I'll link her blog so you guys can check it out. She asked me some pretty intimate questions about Going Under--which I was more than happy to answer--so if you're interested in learning about how the book concept came about, head on over and check it out.

And last but not least: Fans? YOU ARE AMAZING! I love your reviews. I love to hear from you. I love reading your status updates when you're in the middle of Going Under. I love your support. I'm just over the moon about what's happening with this book. And so maybe I oughta pull a George Costanza and go out on what I consider to be the top: "All right! I'm outta here! It's been real." :)

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