Friday, February 21, 2014

Get To Know This Blog: Hesperia Loves Books

So I'm starting a little campaign where I feature a blog every week or every other week. These are blogs that have been instrumental in promoting my work and growing my fan base. Without them, readers wouldn’t know my books. I owe them much more than a measly post. Still, I hope they know how grateful I am for their support. It ain’t easy being an author. (You like that sentence? I think it’s funny and a tad oxymoronic.) Anyway, like I said, it ain’t easy. And I’m blessed to be acquainted with some really special ladies who’ve lent their ears, opinions, and support. Bottom line? They run great blogs that keep you in the know about current books, giveaways, and upcoming releases. If you’re looking for new blogs to follow, check back here weekly.


Today I’m featuring Hesperia Loves Books. Alyssa started this blog a few years ago, then brought on Michel, Robin, KJ, and Mandy. The girls review a wide range of literary genres including romance, YA, NA, paranormal, general fiction, urban fantasy, Christian fiction and erotica. Yes. Christian fiction and erotica. I just love those two side by side. I put them like that on purpose. I’m waiting for someone to have the balls to write a Christian erotica. Oh wait. Did y’all read Good? ;)

Connect with these lovely ladies on their Facebook page. Follow their Twitter feed. Check out their BEAUTIFUL blog. I love how organized it is.



  1. Thank you for the all the compliments on our blog. Our blog would not be possible without all the amazing authors feeding our reading addiction. My honest opinion is..."there is never a bad book". If an author has taken the time to put their hearts on the page, I as a reader am going to open my heart.
    Thanks again! XOXOXO

    1. Thank YOU, Michel! Without you bloggers, no one would know anything about us :) My career completely changed once I started making connections in the blogger world. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into keeping readers informed about the latest books and author news. We are so appreciative. xoxo

  2. How amazing!!!! We are honored, and so incredibly appreciative, for the feature of our little corner of the book blogging world. When I started HLB, almost 4 yers ago, I just wanted to have a little place where I could discuss my love of books with others. It has grown into more than I could've ever imagined with the love and support of our followers and fabulous authors, like yourself. Adding Michel, Robin, KJ and Mandy was one of thebest decisions that I've ever made and I thank God everyday for their support and hardwork. Without them, HLB would definitely not be where it is today. I am so proud of them, of our site and the honest, positive and constructive approach that we deliver, with our site, and reviews.

    We have a passion for featuring authors that we love and hope, that through our reviews and promotion, that we help all of our followers discover their next favorite read!

    It means the world to me to be featured by you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    1. I can't get over how pretty your blog is, Alyssa. I'm in awe of you bloggers and all the time you put into the look of your sites and how you organize your posts. You make us authors look good!! I spend that kind of time on my website, but I don't know all the features of blogger to do that same kind of stuff with my blog. Anyway, I saved your pic. I didn't copy and paste from your site because I learned that that's stealing bandwidth ;)

      Thank you so much for supporting my work! xoxo

  3. Thank you for sharing Hesperia Loves Books with your readers. We appreciate this more than you know, Summer.