Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get To Know This Blog: Romance Addict Book Blog

This is a very special blog to me, and I'm so happy to feature it today. It's all about Romance Addict Book Blog all day, and I hope you'll stop by their Facebook page tonight from 7 pm-10 pm EST. I'm taking over. I've got a flash giveaway for you (scroll down and enter!), information about LoveLines, teasers, and an opportunity for you to pick my brain. Don't miss it.


Here's the deal with this blog: It rocks. There are a few special ladies that have been instrumental in building my career and self-confidence as a writer. Stephanie, who runs the blog, not only promotes authors on her site but assists them with promotion. She runs cover reveals, book blasts, tours. You name it, she does it. And she's good at it. Really good. And organized. And uses HTML docs, which I hear are what tour hosts are supposed to use. She's a designer, too. She made that pretty banner up top :) I'm gushing, but I get to do that with her because she's Stephanie.

So why is Romance Addict Book Blog so special to me? Well, I think it's best if I just tell you the story from the beginning. I am a writer, after all. Makes sense....

Once upon a time I wrote a book called Going Under that landed me an agent. My agent wanted me to put together a blog tour for the book, but I really had no clue how to go about doing that. Stephanie contacted me on Facebook and offered her assistance. At first I said, "Oh, it's cool. I've got this." (Do not ask me why I said that. I'm a Leo. That's the only reason I can think of.) Anyway, because she has the sweetest personality ever, she responded with, "Well, okay. If you need any help, I'm here." And then she mentioned a Google sign-up doc, and I didn't know what the hell that was. And that's when the panic set in.

All day I thought about what I'd told her: "Oh, it's cool. I've got this." What did that even mean? It was just a big, fat lie. I knew it when I said it. I didn't know what I was doing! I couldn't organize and manage a major blog tour! I'd only just learned about blog tours! Freaking. Out. So I contacted Stephanie that night and came clean: "I don't know why I said that. I don't know what I'm doing. Please help me." And a working relationship was born. A friendship followed.

Stephanie does most all of my PR. She's a promo master (or is it mistress?). Whenever I feel like being a lazy slut about my work, she's there to say, "Summer, stop being lazy and promote your books. How will anyone know about them?" *sigh* And she's always right. She constantly encourages me. God, writers are, like, the most emotional people ever. It's disgusting, really. But Stephanie knows how to deal with them—with me. Her insight navigated me through some really horrible book world moments and helped me come out the other side with perspective. And joy.

Another special person connected to Romance Addict? K. K is one of Stephanie's reviewers. K, whom I've never spoken to directly, picked up a little hot-topic novel called Good. Perhaps you've heard of it? And have read all kinds of shit about it? :) Well, she read it. She loved it. She understood it. And she defended it because she believed in the purpose of the story. She believed in the writing. As I write, I think about these women who've supported me through some tough projects. I have a job to do: to keep giving them THE BEST writing I possibly can. And that includes my fans. When you have readers going to bat for you, it's the very least you can do.

So this is my "thank you" to Stephanie and K and all the ladies at Romance Addict Book Blog for believing in my writing and for pushing me to be the best storyteller I can be. I encourage you to check out their blog. Beautiful, insightful reviews of contemporary romance. Latest book world news. It's a blog worth your time.