Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Taking books and taking over

This will be super short. Two things I need you all to know:

1. Tonight I'm taking over Hesperia Loves Books FB page from 7 pm-10 pm EST. I hope you all can stop by for a bit. I'll be posting LoveLines teasers, conducting a Q&A session (ask me whatever you'd like!), and hosting a flash giveaway. Click here for the link.

2. If you're attending Wicked Book Weekend in Ft. Lauderdale March 7-9, and you're planning to purchase books there, please note that I'm bringing a very limited number of copies: around 12 each of Better and Good, 10 of Going Under, and 5 of the other two that no one knows about anyway ;) Click here for the link to purchase tickets to this amazing signing.


  1. I'll be at Wicked and I can't wait! I already purchased my paperback of Going Under.