Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Upcoming Signings and a Fitness Plan

Ugh. I’m bad about the updates when I’m in the middle of projects—writing and otherwise. But I’m vowing to get better about them.

While I’m staying mum about my upcoming novel, I can tell you that the first to see the cover will be those attending Book Bash in Orlando, FL June 28th! That’s right. I’m revealing the cover then. Book description? Not so much. Just a teaser to intrigue (and most likely irritate) fans ;)

Here’s where you can find me in the next few months:

(Orlando, FL June 28 - I'm bringing Mark Connelly. Oolala!)

(Greenville, NC July 19 - I won't be rocking boots. Too damn expensive.)

(Atlanta, GA August 23 - My back yard!)


I hope I get the chance to meet some of you at one of these events! And now, what have I been up to for the past month? Recovering from leg surgery and getting back into running. Apparently I can't write when I can't run, and the whole six-week recovery process has made me realize just how important fitness is to my work life. I'm talking essential. So much so that I've been playing around with the idea of creating a blog about it. Ha! Yeah, I realize I'd actually have to keep it updated. hehe But honestly, fitness and fiction go hand in hand for me, and I think it's worth sharing anecdotes, tips, and workouts I find fun, effective, and most importantly, vital to my creative process. Maybe the info could be beneficial to someone out there in need of exercise motivation. Who knows? Anyway, I'm just messing around with the idea at the moment. My husband fears it'll distract me from writing . . . well, the only writing he cares about: my full-length novels :) I think it would be a GOOD distraction from the pressures and expectations of the book world.